Fender CS Stratocaster Loaded Body

$ 695.00

This is a strange one – not entirely sure what it is. The body appears to be a Fender with a stock contoured heel and lower cutaway. The neck plate is a Fender Custom Shop part, but because there is evidence of a neck tilt adjustment in the neck pocket I don’t think it is original to the body. The shielding paint is added as well. I cannot say if the active battery route under the pickguard is original, but if it isn’t someone did a really nice job adding it. The pickups do appear to be some type of Fender black bottom, cloth wire reissues, but I can’t say for sure on that either. The bridge pickup has a Fralin baseplate on it, so perhaps they are Fralin pickups? Your guess is as good as mine! Everything on the guitar is high quality and will make a great partscaster build.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Weight: 6lbs 4.8oz
  • Body: Alder
  • Hardware: OEM except neck plate
  • Bridge Pickup: 7.1k
  • Middle pickup: 6.22k
  • Neck pickup: 6.18k
  • Pots: OEM
  • Notes: