Fender Big Block Jaguar – Daphne Blue, Upgraded, Amazing – Similar to Marr, W/gb – READ DESCRIPTION

$ 899.00

This guitar started life as a Squier Vintage Vibe Jaguar, but it is unlike any other Squier Jag you’ll ever see. Virtually every part on this guitar has been upgraded. The list is as follows;
* American Vintage Lock-out Tremolo System. * Upgraded bridge with Graphtech String Saver deep-groove saddles. * Bridge has been sheathed with brass inserts and vinyl sleeves so it DOES NOT MOVE or rock (Just like on a Johnny Marr Jag). * All pickup cavities have been grounded with solid brass shielding inserts (not tin foil or paint grounding as most lower priced guitars have).
* All electronics have been upgraded to Switchcraft or CTS. Pots were upgraded to 250K to get rid of the shrill sound the 1M pots induced.
* Pickups have been upgraded to V-Mod pickups. * All wiring simplified and all switches, bit’s and bobbed were removed, and now all you have is warm sounding pickups with a 3 way pickup switch. *Buzz Stop Roller to increase the string angle on the bridge. These strings will NEVER fall out of the bridge guides.
* The nut has been upgraded to a Synthetic Tusq XL. * The headstock was stripped and refinished in nitro butterscotch lacquer with a period correct Fender Jaguar decal that has been clear coated over (also in nitro). * Locking Gotoh Tuners
* The guitar just received a fresh setup, and plays flawlessly with no buzzes, rattles or weirdness as most Jaguars and Jazzmasters have.
* Comes with a genuine Fender Gig Bag.
* No Fret Wear.

There are some minor scratches on the pickguard. There is a small nick on the treble side of the nut that is very difficult to photograph, and doesn’t affect play in any way, shape or form. I had planned on making the back of the neck satin with steel wool to blend it in to the new headstock color, but it’s not sticky at all and feels really nice so I left it alone. I wanted a Big Block neck, and this one is just awesome and feels fantastic and easy.

Please look closely at all the photos, what you see is what you get. Check my feedback – I sell only the best, finest most playable instruments, and my feedback attest to this. I ship immediately via reverb. Please feel free to ask questions.

Selling due to me being in heart failure. I am preparing for my future, and I have to clean house, unfortunately.