Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster 2002 – 2012 Ocean Turquoise

$ 1375.00

Ok, so what’s the catch?

So, the story with this one is that it’s got all the original parts except for the body, which was damaged significantly enough by a former technician to warrant a replacement. That said, he did offer to purchase whichever type of body I wanted, and so I went with the Eric Johnson body in a lacquered Ocean Turquoise, which is probably my favorite color Fender produces.  It’s also extremely lightweght  and can use either a vintage 8 hole or 11 hole pickguard.  I have a parchment guard on there now, but will include an eggshell 8 hole single ply, which I actually prefer to be honest.  It looks amazing.

***Do a lookup on the serial number to find out more about the specs. 

The pickups and hardware are all the standard AVRI fare.  I did install the 5 way switch that came with it originally, as well as a push/pull pot to add the neck pickup to any position for a total of 7 tones.

The neck is in fantastic condition with very little wear on the frets. This is the majority of what you’re paying for here.  The 62 neck with rosewood board is simply the best.  Hands down. 

There is a slight ding on the headstock as well as a little scratch on the underside of the lower horn (see photos).  But other than that, the guitar is in almost perfect condition.  

I have all the case candy as well as the original deluxe hardshell case.  

I will listen to offers, however I’m fairly firm for the most part.  If I don’t sell fairly soon, I will likely part it out and sell the neck and body separate as well as the case.  But whoever takes this is going to get an absolute steal of a deal.  I would hate to see someone buy this to part out and profit, but that is your prerogative I suppose.  But as is, this is an INCREDIBLE guitar.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!  I ship same or next day in most cases using whichever carrier will get it to you the quickest on the day I ship.  If you have any special instructions, be sure to message me!