Fender American Professional II Stratocaster

$ 1275.00

I bought this guitar in August of 2021 so it is not even a year old. It has been used with great care by cleaning it every month or so, playing with care, and using strap locks. I have never gigged with this guitar, only used it for practice. The only sign of wear is a small dent on the fourth fret which is shown in the pictures. The dent does not impact playability at all and could easily be fixed but I personally don’t mind it. The guitar works great and plays even better. It will come with everything it came with when I got it new (hard shell case keys for case, Alan keys, all paperwork, and fender zip up bag). I am getting rid of this guitar so I can upgrade to an American Original 60s Stratocaster in Olympic White, if you have one and are willing to trade then I am willing to negotiate. New American Professional II’s are going for $1700 which makes this a complete steal for the price, especially if you live in the Chicago/Midwest region. That being said, it is only local pick up for the moment. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to message me.