Fender American Elite Telecaster Thinline Mystic Ice Blue

$ 1870.00

Lives in my home studio (smoke, kid, and pet free). Really a VERY nice guitar in all regards – seriously…great feel, awesome neck/setup, beautiful color, great features (Gen 4 Noiseless pickups, speed tuners, S-1 Switching), and LIGHT (6.5 lbs)!

Problem is, I play it WAY too little to justify continuing to house and feed it – TBH, the neglect is almost criminal (in my defense, it’s mostly because of all the needy solid bodies with insatiable appetites for being noodled on…dammit Jim, I can’t keep up!).

Not listing this guitar as “Mint” only because of the barely-visible-with-a-magnifying-glass-under-lab-lights pick scuffs on the pick guard from normal (albeit infrequent) playing…and the dust. Comes with original hard shell case and goodies…I think (better check on the goodies to be sure). Thanks for your interest!