1997 Fender “U.S. Strat Plus” Stratocaster w/ Original Hard Case & Extras

$ 1324.95

    It’s an unusual Stratocaster. Made by Fender in the USA, it’s a Strat Plus, a.k.a. USA Strat Plus. Locking tuners. Lacer Sensor tuners. Roller nut. Pearloid pickguard.

    It comes in the original Strat Plus hard case in fine condition. It comes with the original Owner’s Manual and Specifications guide. Comes with tremolo arm. 

     It’s a great guitar. 12th fret action is set nice and low: 2/32″ on the treble side and 5/64″ on the bass side. All the electronics work. Everything works on it. I got it from the original owner, a fastidious senior who’s been playing in bands since 1965. Some minimal fret wear. Fretboard is in fine condition. 

     It’s plays very easily and sounds wonderful.

     Serial number N7 313341 indicates it was in made by Fender in the USA in 1997.  


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