1994 Fender Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster Solidbody Electric Guitar Like N

$ 1411.91


·     SN# SE 918483 (1994); decal on hs rear

·     Eric Clapton’s signature decal on hs

    Modern medium “C” neck profile, NOT the soft “V” you’d expect on a vintage guitar

·     Overall length: 38”, lower bout 12” wide

·     Solid poplar body with grey pewter finish

·     Bolt-on solid hardrock maple neck with “skunk stripe”

·     Four-bolt neck with neckplate and neck-tilt adjust

·     22-fret maple fingerboard with black dot inlays

·     It’s pretty hard to measure with strings on but looks like a 12” radius

·     25-1/2” scale with 1-5/8” nut width, looks like bone nut

·     Nickel-plated hardware with covered individual tuners that are unmarked copies of Kluson Deluxes; my notes say Schallers but I can’t verify

·     Three Fender Don Lace Gold Sensor active pickups

·     Five-way pickup select

·     White plastic pickguard with white tophat knobs

·     One volume and 2 tone controls with TBX treble notched filter boost/cut and mid-range boost

·     “Blocked” Fender vibrato tailpiece with individual 2-way adjustable saddles

·     Original screw-in vibrato handle

·     Original strap buttons

·     9-volt Battery clip mounted in vibrato cavity

·     Original tweed hardshell case with case candy as noted above


·     Near mint cosmetic and playing condition (also see pictures)

·     Will need new strings, fret buffing

·     I’ve sprayed the pots to make sure the guitar plays and successfully tested it on a little ‘60s Supro/Gretsch amplifier; it works fine

·     There’s nothing else to note; there is not a single sign of usage whatsoever

·     Case is in almost like new condition with the original key; I see a couple liquid spots near the handle, almost invisible, and a couple dirt scuffs probably from storage; you have to look really hard to see these

This is a genuine Made in USA guitar