1962 Fender Brown Deluxe 6G3 amp (remarkably clean)

$ 3500.00

I’m probably making a very bad decision to let go of this incredible instrument. Alas, you can only play one at a time. This particular amp lives up to all the hype that surrounds this model. It goes from spanking clean classic Fender sound to the nastiest of rock tones all guitarists crave. So here’s the low down: new three prong chord, new filter caps, tubes, and footswitch. That’s it! Otherwise, this amp is just the way it rolled out of Fullerton Ave, back in 62. This amp will put a smile on your face every time you flip the switch. As with all my fragile/vintage electronics, you agree to a 20% restocking fee on a return. Please check out my other listings. Lots of cool vintage gear. Thanks