Near Mint ESP Original Series Horizon II NT Hardtail in Black MIJ Kiso Custom Shop (not E-II LTD)

$ 2500.00

ESP Original Series Horizon II NT in beautiful black. This is an Original Series made in the Japanese Kiso Custom Shop, noticeably higher quality and more $$$ than the E-II or Standard Series – the new ones retail for $5k or so. Kiso is the same factory where they build the signature models for ie James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Alex Skolnick, etc.
Condition is near mint, no notable dents or dings. However, being a gloss black guitar you can definitely see surface scratches on the front and back and the slightest of buckle worming on the back – you really have to look hard under bright light to see it…it’s really faint.   The scratches are micro in nature – you could polish them out with some Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound if you really cared to. Frets are level with no divoting, truss rod is normal. What really makes this guitar stand out is the neck and headstock binding – it’s not the plain monochrome white binding that you typically see. This example uses a MOP/pearloid type material with a lot of movement and it’s just beautiful to behold. I wish they still used this but unfortunately they just use plain white binding now, even on the Original Series.
The guitar has a Neck-thru design with smooth dark Ebony fretboard. Everything on the guitar is stock except for the bridge and tailpiece, which have been upgraded to MIJ TonePros locking parts but in the same gunmetal finish as the original Gotoh parts. Tuners are the stock MIJ Gotoh tuners (non-locking). Pickups are also stock – the tried-and-true Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz combo. Electronics are 100% untouched – it has a master volume and a master tone and the volume pot is push-push so you can coil split both bridge/neck PUPs.

I’ve tried to include a ton of pictures so that you can see the guitar from all angles.  Horizon’s really have beautiful deep top carves as you can see from some of the shots.
The quality and playability of this instrument is simply superb, as you would expect from an MIJ ESP Custom Shop. It is noticeably better than the E-II version, which I previously owned. Fully set up and intonated with brand new D’addario 10-46’s. It includes the original ESP hard shell case, which is also in pristine condition. These did not come with COAs or much in the way of case candy – just a hang tag, truss rod wrench and an ESP fret/string guard…and I’ve included the hex wrench for the bridge/tailpiece.
I’ll ship the guitar via EMS (insured, tracked) from Hong Kong (I’m American but currently work here as an expat for a large US company). In the unlikely event that you’d want to return the guitar, you could ship it back to my folk’s house in California.

EMS from Hong Kong is surprisingly quick, usually arrives in 1-2 weeks, depending on how long it takes to clear customs (usually 2-3 days).  EMS ships using commercial airlines (not sea freight) so if you’re on the West Coast, it would likely arrive faster than one shipping across the country via ground.