LTD EC-256 Electric Guitar (Ontario,CA)

$ 299.99

This is the EC-256FM by LTD. This shredders guitar has obviously some play. It has been modified and played through and through. Most of the hardware has been modified. The machine heads have been replaced with brass plated grover tuners. The Front plate cover for the truss is missing with some damage to the finish. The back plate is missing. There is a crack on the back bottom of the guitar. The volume and tone knobs have been replaced with epiphone/gibson style tophat knobs. The stoptail bridge and pickup frames have been replaced with black hardware to give it a darker look, and the pickup covers have been replaced to match the tuners. The guitar is still playable. The tones coming out of this guitar are solid and would make for an aesthetically road worn guitar. It is good for someone looking for an intermediate level guitar.