ESP M-1 Custom 1984-1987 White/Cream

$ 2600.00

I will add more photos soon.

My Mid/Late 80’s ESP M-1 Custom.
Tone Pot is dated to 1984, (FN8446) but that does not guarantee the build date, just a rough range.
There are no other codes or dates to clearly define the date of manufacture.
However, there are some subtle hints:
Obviously the lawsuit headstock
The Sinclair is the oldest body style – note the fine tuner slots vs allen key
No code stamped on last fret
No code in pick-up cavities, and obviously I can’t remove the neck to look there…  🙂 
The added neck pick-up combined with the fact the rear plate has never been drilled for the screws, say’s this is a custom, custom. I do not believe this was a “production” custom, as it would need to be ordered this way. I repeat – there is no back plate, since it was never drilled out for one, The tone/volume plate is drilled out and included. I had it off for the photos.
The Sinclair is complete with the tremolo bar.
The Headstock is very nice, neck smooth, Excellent binding, body is great, considering it’s 35 years old.
There are a few nicks here n there, and a decent paint chunk gone on the bottom, right where it sit’s on the guitar stand. Previous owner was a studio musician in Japan. 
It comes in a very nice ESP form fitting hard shell case, with zero odors of smoking or weed.
Ask any questions, but I am not looking for trades.
Ships only to the lower 48.