ESP Jake E Lee Signature 1995 – 1996 Snow White

$ 1500.00

A really cool mid 90s Jake E Lee that’s in really nice condition especially for its age. Did swap out the pickups for a custom shop Seymour Duncan 78 and two single coil dimarzios, the dimarzios are the same that come in the Charvel Jake models. An extra set or pickups are included in the hard shell case, which is a seymour duncan distortion and two Rio Grande Halfbreed single coil pickups which retail for around 300 dollars all together. The case is in pretty good condition. Definitely shows some signs of wear. The guitar overall though is in really nice condition. Tried to get pictures that show the only issues, like the little bit on the back and the neck pocket. The nut has some discoloring. Everything works great though and the frets are in great shape. Any questions please ask.