ESP Jack Daniel’s Distellery Special Explorer Serial #002 (Limited of 7)

$ 4099.00

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Brand / Model: ESP JACK DANIEL’S DISTILLERY Serial #002 (Limited of 7)



This Special ESP Guitar is a guitar


for sale, it was a Prize of Japan Suntory’s “Jack & Music 777 Campaign” held in 2009. In other words, only 7 lucky winners who drank a lot of Jack Daniel’s Black at that time and put three entry tickets on the special application postcard could obtain this super-rare item!

Moreover, the color and shape of the 7 guitars seems to be different for each serial, making it practically a one-of-a-kind Explorer type. (Other serials seem to be POTBELLY, white Explorer, etc.)

As for the specs of this amazing guitar, first of all, there is a “JACK DANIEL’S” logo on the head. On the body, the exact same pattern as the actual bottle is painted.

The wood material is unknown, but since it is an ESP Explorer type guitar, we think this guitar has an alder body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard 22F. Controls are very simple, 1 Volume and 3-way toggle with 2 pickups. Of course, the pickups are Seymour Duncan “SH-1N” and “TB-4”.
Floyd Rose

Bridge is installed. Includes tremolo arm and ESP soft case (zipper handle is broken).

It is suitable for metal or hard rock in appearance, and the tone is like that. It sounds like an old Edwards guitar.

It would be a great display item to any music bar, or even as an object of art in any store.

The sales rights for Jack’s were transferred from Suntory to Asahi around 2013, but no campaigns like this was held since this campaign. Basically, I have never seen this prize guitar for sale in Japan before, partly because no one should sell this rare item. We think many people are interested in this item, so you must buy ASAP!!

Weight : 3.9kg


All the items are maintained and cleaned basically to a condition that you can play right away.

Serial: 002


Very good, no problems with the electric systems (hum, buzz, and any other noise issues). It has scratches, dull parts. But we have maintained and cleaned every parts of this individual. It is a second-hand goods here, but the overall appearance is decent. Neck conditions: Seems Straight now. The Truss-Rods works normal, can tighten and loosen on either side. Comes with Tremolo Arm, ESP Soft Case. 80% frets remaining.

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