ESP USA Custom Shop NYC 48th st Horizon Ebony Fretboard Neck Thru 1992 Metallic Purple

$ 3600.00

Incredible condition USA 48th st NY Horizon with Floyd Rose neck thru.
I’ve owned this since 2015.Frets are immaculate and level.Ebony fretboard is clean.
One tiny blemish on the top of the body and a ding on the back edge of the body, other than that it’s mint!
Trem sits level and never breaks string, no sharp saddles.
Feel free to ask questions.

I was notified by another ESP owner that this guitar was made in the US .With this in mind I’m reconsidering selling this one.I will most likely sell some other guitars instead and this will only be available for sale until June 1,2022.
His message to me:

“I’ve been buying ESP’s since the late 80’s. I have around 45 of them currently. 95% are Custom shop and a few ESP standard. Anyway, I’ve seen your actual guitar before. The metallic purple finish was drying next to mine in the same booth! Now…here’s what will really blow your mind. Your guitar wasn’t made in Japan, and it wasn’t made in 1996. I’m an ESP endorsee and they have never once admitted to building guitars in NYC in the 19th St. or 48th St. offices/shops. Well…they’re full of shit. I ordered mine in Spring of 1992 and it was ready to pick up just before Christmas that year. The retail price was $1700 (I paid $1149) and I physically saw the luthiers from ESP Japan (yes, they sent highly skilled luthiers to the U.S. to save on incredible high import tariffs at the time. I also saw Vito Bratta’s ESP Strat and Chris DeGarmo’s being finished up at the 19th St. Location. Most people don’t know this but if you pull your bridge pickup (or some neck pickup routes) you’ll see NYC followed by 6412 (with yours this should be the #) written in pencil. So to read your serial #30112420 is as follows: the 30 is the 30th day of the month, the 11 is the month (November) the 2 is the last digit of the year and the 420 is the number of instruments from that shop during that year. I would’ve bought yours too 30 years ago, but it was also a custom order. Hope this gives you some better insight on your guitar. Here’s your twin……mine is serial number 30112421 (the sequential number after yours and finished the same day!!!