ESP Eclipse-II 2012 Mystic Black

$ 2450.00

This was my first ESP and I was absolutely blown away with the build quality and playability. The serial number marks the production date as October 6, 2011 in their Japanese custom shop. The neck is listed as a thin neck but it isn’t quite as thin as the Jacksons/Charvels I have. It has a really comfortable profile and the frets are wonderful as well. The finish is beautiful and most pictures don’t quite capture it completely right. I haven’t seen too many of these floating around in this color but I can almost guarantee this is the cleanest version of it. The only minor flaws are some yellowing occurring on the biding, it was creme to begin with so it’s not drastic, and a small scratch on the back by the control cover. I have it pictured, but it is only 1-2mm and is unnoticeable unless you point it out. The control cover has the original plastic film with the factory inspection sticker. It is peeling off a little but I couldn’t bring myself to remove it. The hardware is a black chrome finish but there is some wear on the bridge. I tried to picture it the best I could. The original knobs had worn and almost became chrome so I replaced them. I do still have the original knobs and will include them. It also comes with the original hard shell case. This is a true modern take on an LP that is completely geared towards rock/metal. I don’t need to sell this guitar but I am looking to fund another instrument. I keep it in C standard and will play it until I sell it. If you’re serious about buying it I could have it set up in any tuning/gauge. Open to offers but the only trade I would consider would be for an Aristides.

Body: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Ebony
Neck Pickup: EMG 60
Bridge Pick up: EMG 81
Tuners: Gotoh Locking
Bridge: Gotoh
Scale length: 24.75