ESP Eclipse Customshop (KH-3 Kirk Hammet prototype)

$ 2062.03

Just got the little gem in from a friend.
Havent spend any hours on freshing her up yet, but will do in the next few weeks.

Just imagine her with black hardware and a set of EMG pickups 😋

Dont be fooled of the bolt-on and a fair bit of dust (or the floyd rose, for that matter), but she sings!!!
Again, the ESP shop in japan just keeps impressing me!!
Sounds incredibly fat and full and eeeendless sustain!!!!!
They must have been incredibly selective in their choice of woods back, cause you need a top-of-the-line USA made guitar to match that resonance today!!

according to esp website and serienr, this is a custom shop (standard) from 1997 or 98
rough guess is 85% frets left
and overall great condition

Hit me some offers while i nurse this little gem 🙂