ESP E-II Horizon NT-7 Evertune Black Electric Guitar (Made in Japan) w/ Hard Case

$ 2645.77

Product description:
The ESP E-II Horizon NT-7 Evertune Guitar has a powerful EMG pickup duo, designed to host the extended tonal range of the guitar and an evertune bridge to provide perfect intonation in any environment. The EMG humbucker set provides powerful guitar and versatility guitar, offering snorh and smooth 85-7H neck pickup cables and detailed intensity of the 81-7H bridge pickup. The ESP body is made of alert solid, offering the perfect combination of a balanced tone and a wide dynamic range. The maple handle enhances the guitar tone with a brilliant character, while the construction of the whole body optimizes the transfer of strings vibrations for a better sustain. The addition of the Ebony Keyboard helps to strengthen the general tone, adding additional definition and clarity to create a fast attack. The E-II Horizon also has Gotoh Locking tuners and a graphite nut to offer maximum stability and tuning strings stability. Delivered with a rigid case, ESP E-II Horizon NT-7 Evertune Guitar is the perfect choice for musicians who want to push their performance to the limit.

Gmusic Note:

  • NEW / Made in Japan
  • Gmusic Code: R00-H2E3000G
  • With original rigid case
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