Early Made In Japan ESP (LTD branded) Left Handed Eclipse loaded Husk luthier U FIX SEE DESCRIPTION

$ 300.00

This is an extremely early still made in Japan LTD “The Eclipse”. I had the serial verified aside from the picture posted. I found in my research that a few hundred LTD’s were made in Japan when they first started making them, mostly Explorers, but also a few Mirages and Eclipses. This is most likely a prototype with an LTD badge, as it is identical to the “The Eclipses” of the same era.

I had started to rebuild this guitar for right handed use, but never finished it. There are several nicks and dings, but nothing serious. The worst is a small dent near the lower strap button, which happened in shipping, but it doesn’t effect anything.

This guitar PARTIALLY complete. Someone stole the pickups, at the moment it has none in it, though I can include a generic pickup if bought outright. The Gotoh tuners were also taken by me for another guitar. It has a set of Wilkinsons on it now. 

What you get:
-Body and Neck, and hardware (the neck is worth more than i’m asking alone)
-Original Bridge and Tailpiece
-Original nut, it was removed when I was going to string it upside-down, and truss rod cover
-Original pots, most of the harness, some wires are missing from someone hocking the pickups
-Original switch, which is broken, but works, I can include a replacement three-way
-Original Strap Buttons
-Both pickup rings, though the neck pickup ring is cracked