80’s ESP 400 Series (MIJ) Strat w/Hardshell

$ 1049.99

Here we have the rare Made in Japan ESP Series 400 Strat in Lake Placid Blue.  The first batch of Series 400’s were the first import Japan sent out and had the all black logo. On this particular one for some reason an past owner scratched out the ‘400 Series’ seen on front of head next to ESP and the ‘Made in Japan’ on back of head under the tuners (pictured both of the slight scratchings). Original neck plate has been replaced too unfortunately and there is no serial number to identify actual year. We checked the neck pocket for a stamp, but there wasn’t a stamp to be found.   Pickups and trem bar appear to be original. 

These are very well built 50’s stratocaster copies that don’t come up on the market a lot.The pickups sound great and the guitar feels like a 50’s strat with a soft V neck. The lake placid blue finish has some battle scars with assorted nicks we’ve pictured. We have it freshly setup with Ernie Ball Super Slinky 9’s. Added a tweed case for safe travel.  

Thanks for looking!
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