EASTMAN T486 GB 2022

$ 1150.00

I just picked this guitar up in the spring.  It took me 3 months to find one that has this much flame everywhere!!! There isn’t a dead spot on the front the back or the sides even the middle piece in the 3 or 5 neck is flamed maple. The neck is really a three piece with the two wings just like a Gibson.
This Flame is absolutely gorgeous but when it comes to practicality flame is the strongest maple you can find. Another name for a highly flamed maple is Rock maple. I had friends that used to lay beautiful wood floors many times people would choose rock maple and they would tell me they had to use special nails in order to fasten the floor down. Oak is considered a very hard wood but they did not have to use special nail guns with special nails in order to pierce the oak. 

Comparing this guitar it to my ES 355 it plays as well for 1/4 of the price. It has a slightly brighter tone.  Unfortunately My 355 is becoming so valuable I don’t even want to take it out on gigs. It also does not allow me to freely hand the guitar to younger players because I have the fear of it being dropped.   I also have to keep my eye on it for fear that it might be stolen.
I figured this would be a good alternative too playing a semi hollow instrument without having all of the concerns. 
Had a cash crunch just happen. I have put up several items to take care of the cash flow. I also have an eBay name Oak_Brook which has over 430 positive hundred percent reviews. They change their way of doing things and I’ve moved over to Reverb. Most generally ships for aprox 65.00 to 75.00 to the lower 49. 
 Whatever sells first. Check the reviews for these instruments. I’m a OCD player. These guitars are as good as it gets. I have the original hard shell case and all of the documentation…certificate of authenticity and the original sales receipt. I got it from  Muddy Water guitars KS. Let me know where it needs to be shipped and we will work on the cost.