Dean Dime Dimebag Razorback Bone Shards DB with Dean Hard Case Electric Guitar Pantera Darrell

$ 799.95

Excellent condition Dean Dime Razorback “Shards” electric guitar with Dean hard case.

Guitar is in remarkable condition for a “pointy” guitar. No chips, nicks, or dings. Has some very very minor/light scratches on the right wing tip (you wouldn’t notice if I didn’t tell you – see closeup photo).

Previous owner installed some aftermarket pickups, which I’m unsure of brand.

Case has some bruises and part of the Dean emblem is missing.

Includes hard case.

No stand or trem arm is included.

Any questions, please ask BEFORE buying.

Will be packaged very well, inside of a proper guitar box, and
shipped fully insured.

This is a VERY large guitar and case. Shipping costs, packing materials, as well
insurance continue to rise in cost. I have no control over these costs.
If you think shipping is expensive, try pricing it out before grumbling
about it, if I’m lucky I break even on these costs. If you want to
grumble, call UPS or FedEx and tell them to lower their rates.