NOS 1988 MIJ Charvel Model 2, Unplayed, Stunning, Time Capsule Guitar

$ 995.68

So this is a once-in-a-lifetime find.

From the line of guitars that needs no introduction, this New Old Stock 1988 Charvel Model 2 in Metallic Electric Blue. Pristine – unplayed – fresh as the day it came out of the factory…

It’s quite obvious that this babe spent the last 33 years in climate-controlled storage, away from the light. Despite the humid climate of Japan, there is not one trace of pitting or corrosion on the hardware and electronics, I think the last time I saw a brand new JT-6 trem like this was in… 1987, when I purchased my Charvel 6. The finish looks stunning, and the maple neck shows no sign of UV patina. Brand new, what else is there to say. Truly a time capsule guitar. I should really keep this one for my collection, buy it quick before I reconsider 🙂

Body is clean, polished and waxed, fretboard is clean and conditioned,
frets are polished.

The guitar
is strung with a fresh set of 9-42 (you might have to stretch them
a bit still, once you bring them back to tension). Depending on your favorite string gauge and
action height, local climate, etc, you will have to fine tune the set up to
your personal taste.

Vintage vinyl gig bag and original trem arm INCLUDED.

Also, it comes with a factory set of allen wrenches, a truss rod tool, 2 sets of replacement trem arm bushings, and 2 replacement nuts for the little pin that holds the trem arm in place at the bottom of the arm socket.

Photos are
part of the description. Check out my other gear and superstrats for sale, and
follow me for more to come. Any and all questions please ask.

Guitar will be expertly double-boxed and protected for safe shipping.
Please see my seller feedback for feedback on my packing skills 🙂

ship worldwide, by UPS, DHL, TNT or Fedex (depending
which is cheaper on a given day). I will ship
to Australia and Asia, but costs will be higher, contact me for a
precise quote.

All import duties are the responsibility of the buyer.