Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 2 24 HH HT CM

$ 899.99

Really cool guitar, plays like a dream, it does have some notorious fret sprout, which honestly is no big deal. Super easy to fix or whatever, I’ve been playing it everyday just as it is.
It really quickly became like my “couch” guitar. Love just noodling everywhere. The pickups are AMAZING!!! I dare to say, the best widely available aftermarket pickups there are. And the switching system, is basically like having 3 guitars. Suuuuper bright in all positions but with a very effective tone knob, so your can surf your way through any tonal necessity. I think that one of the highlights is how hot the sound is and how much it will drive your amps with the most clarity you can imagine, so if you’re shredding on a budget,,, look no further!!

Hit me up for trades too!