Charvel Model 4 with Maple Fretboard

$ 895.00

Charvel Model 4 with very rare Maple Fretboard. Pearl White color has faded into cream. Jackson JT-6 Tremolo. Stock Jackson J200 single coils, but bridge has been replaced with Dimarzio CrunchLab. Very slight fret wear on the 2-4th strings on the 1-5th frets, but you cannot feel it. Headstock tip is in good shape. Ships with generic gig bag.

Here’s the issues:

  • See closeup pics for cosmetic issues on body and headstock.
  • See pic of fretboard showing what appears to be light sanding? You cannot feel it and can only see it in reflection.
  • See pic of electronic cavity to see current wiring showing electronics are no longer active. First knob is volume; second knob doesn’t appear to do anything; third knob is tone. 
  • Stock black whammy bar is a bit loose.

Please feel free to ask any questions.