Charvel Model 3A 1986 Pearl White

$ 1450.00

1986 Charvel Model 3A (double humbucker) with original chainsaw hard case. Guitar is in magnificent condition considering it’s age; no dents, no dings, no chips, no scratches, perfectly pointy headstock. The pearl white has faded to the familiar off-white hue but is still lustrous, shiny, and well-maintained. the pick guard has noticeable swirl marks from play-time, but no scratches, digs, gouges, or chips. Neck is straight, frets are original and at 90% with very little wear.

I replaced the original Kahler tremolo with a Babicz full contact tremolo and removed the locking headscrews (not needed with a Babicz). The locking headplate is included if you want to re-install it, I didn’t have it installed because it comes back to perfect pitch without it. The Babicz trem is a massive upgrade over the pot-metal Kahler. The pickups are original Jackson pickups, however have had the cover plates removed – I do not haver them.

This guitar is a shredder – action is very low with no fret buzz. The trem works flawlessly. Electronics are in perfect working order, no hiss, pop, crackle, or static from tone, volume, selector, or jack.

Guitar will be shipped via UPS, fully insured.