Charvel Guthrie Govan USA Signature HSH Caramelized Ash

$ 3185.99

For sale my Charvel GG with ash body .

Fantastic guitar with a great sound, stability and playability . A lot of information online .

See Charvel website for more information.

All original unless the following points:

– I add a little magnet on the back of the headbock to attach a allen key tool, very useful if you break a string on live shows.
– I have change the original potenciometers (EVH low friction 500K) to Dunlop Super POT 500K . The original ones are included.
– I have lost one of the original knob from the tone. I have replace with the exact one (Gotoh) but without the numbers . Can´t find anywhere maybe its a custom knob for this guitar .

Any question feel free to ask .

Best regards,
Leandro Oliveira