Charvel Custom Shop San Dimas GT1 Rally Red 2014 NOS

$ 3295.00

Item: FE2869925000395

The Charvel San Dimas GT1 was Rainbow’s first GT design concept, an all White guitar with a Quilted Maple racing stripe and Quilted Pinstriped binding. We uncovered a pair of these in our warehouse recently that had finish flaws and were supposed to have been shipped back to Charvel to have it re-done. This is the last of the 2 we have. This one has a 2 1/2″ finish blemish on the body by the last 5 frets on the bass side of the neck as pictured.. Hasn’t gotten any worse in 8 years…. and these guitars are impossible to find so we are listing it as is…Besides that the guitar is still brand new in it’s case.

This axe looks as fast as it plays, and will turn heads the same way the car does. The first time I saw a Ford GT in person was on the streets of LA, my heart instantly raced with excitement, and it’s the same feeling I get when I look at the San Dimas GT1.

For this build, we went with the Charvel Speed neck, which feels like it’s straight out of the 80s, and feels like “home”. The frets are tall and skinny for maximum shredding, while the perfectly matched Dimarzio humbuckers provide blazing inspiration. The Charvel GT guitars introduced a “speed shifting” control layout that allows for easy pickup switching during solos, and has since become the new standard layout for Charvel Custom Shop guitars. The non-recessed Floyd Rose trem floats slightly above the body and has been Chrome plated for a “race car” look. For extra comfort, and speed, we had the heel scalloped and the neck plate recessed into the heel. This axe is “tricked out” and it shows. The Charvel Custom Shop San Dimas GT1 is not just about speed, it’s also a smooth ride with a neck pickup, that by itself or combined with the bridge, provides one of the best clean tones I’ve heard on any guitar. But, when shifted into the bridge, it’s pure Metal mayhem with biting attack and screaming harmonics – this ride can do it all. Put the “pedal to the Metal” and hang on for your life, this axe will take you down new avenues.

Serial # 9726

Weight: 8lbs 4.5oz


  • Alder Body
  • AAA Quilted Maple Top
  • One Piece Quartersawn Maple Neck
  • 22 Tall Skinny 6105 Frets
  • Charvel Speed Neck Profile 
  • Matching Painted Headstock with Colored Logo
  • Non-Recessed Original Floyd Trem
  • Dimarzio Humbucker From Hell Neck Pickup
  • Dimarzio Tone Zone Bridge Pickup
  • Open Wheel Truss Rod at 22nd Fret
  • Custom Control Layout, 3-Way Pickup Selector, 1 Volume


  • Charvel Custom Shop Hardshell Case, Black with Blue Piping