Charvel Aged Nitro San Dimas 2014 Celadon Green

$ 3175.00

The music zoo had it spec’d at 6.5 lbs on their website. On my scale it came in at 6.8 lbs, but either way it feels very light and a great guitar. Very sleek neck. It’s priced lower though than other aged nitros for a few reasons, some of which in my opinion are upgrades. 1) I got rid of the stock Dimarzio’s (since I think those pickups sound awful) and have in them now Scott’s Tone Nerd Roxy in the bridge with his matching neck pickup with an Alnico II magnet. They sound great in it. 2) There is wear in the bridge pickup cavity (although the pickup and ring totally cover it, but I have pics of it here to show it). I had a pickup in there that was a very tight fit, causing that wear. 3) There’s that little area around the truss rod, which gives easier access to it, but I don’t think it came that way. Finally the screws in the pickup rings are replacements in silver rather than the stock black ones

Here’s the full specs from the Music Zoo’s website (minus the Dimarzio)
-Solid Body Electric Guitar
-Alder Body
-Birdseye Maple Neck and Fingerboard
-Brass Side Dots
-25.5” scale
-1-3/4” Nut Width
-Custom 1980 Aged San Dimas Neck Shape
-21 Jescar 6100 Frets
-12-16” compound radius
-Dimarzio PAF Pro Neck and Super Distortion Bridge Humbuckers
-Single Volume Control and Three-Way Toggle
-Schaller Tuners
-Brass Hardware
-Celadon Green Aged Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
-6 lbs, 8 Oz (weighs 6.8 lbs on my scale)
-.830” Neck Profile at 1st Fret
-.880” Neck Profile at 12th Fret