Carvin X220 1991 Red

$ 2100.00

Offloading two special guitars, childhood dream guitars of mine, carvin x220s, both are as old as I am. This one has:

-Upgraded hipshot locking tuners installed
-bridge pick up is an SD SH-1 (I believe)
-3 way pickup switch 2 phase inverters
-Upgraded Ernie ball locking tuners and strap
-Carvin molded hardshell case -Comes with Kahler tremolo arm as well

-all dings pictured, one noticeable one on the back of the neck – more of a dent – no paint chipped there, just seems that way due to the light.
-The wing tips have some mild damage. -There are some scratches on the backside that are hard to capture , but did my best. slightly above the backplate.
-Backspring plate has one screw hold that was broken off. All the screws are newly replaced.

-The low 6 string was slightly coming of the neck towards the bridge, so I tried to remedy this by installing a new nut. Slightly helps the problem. I’ve included the original locking nut though as well if you want to put the old one in instead.
All the noticeable dings to the wing tips are shown, which are mild considering it’s age. Comes with a custom molded Carvin hardshell case.

Please don’t hesitate to message me with any questions. Thanks! No trades