BC Rich Mockingbird NJ Neck Thru Trans Red Slash

$ 623.68

BC Rich Mockingbird in Trans Red. Very reminiscent of a certain top hatted fella…
I’ve done a complete overhaul of this lovely thing, work includes:
Pickups changed to vintage ‘59 style Alnico V PAFs
Push pull coil splits (partial coil with resistor, PRS style – all the single coil sound without the volume drop!) on each pickup’s individual volume
New knobs vintage BC Rich style
Hardtailing of Floyd Rose (easy to revert back, just take the blocks out the back!)
Fret polish, fretboard clean
Full pro set up with 9 gauge strings

Original knobs, pickups and arm included. Couple chips in the usual spots as to be expected on this type of guitar, but overall in good condition. I love the matching quilted maple headstock, not something you see often on these! It’s an absolute monster of a guitar, with the neck through design offering up some lovely sustain. Thinning down the herd so this one has to go!

Happy to package up and post, or collection/trial available from the Huddersfield area. Any questions get in touch, let’s nerd out!

Cheers for looking