BC Rich JRV Invisibolt Special Edition Widow Headstock Ferrari Red 5 Piece Neck (RARE)

$ 949.00

Open to Offers

For sale a rare Ferrari Red Special edition Invisibolt BC Rich JRV.  Most invisibolt JRV models came in satin colors but this special edition is in a similar red to what you’d find on some later Warlock NT models and has that pure heavy metal look to it. Add to this it’s a rare flat top model with black purffing. It’s very high quality with a glossy rosewood fretboard that seems to be lost on modern pieces of rosewood on newer guitars, and it’s very dark like ebony. The Invisibolts are a one of kind hybrid series that have never been attempted on another line of guitars all while featuring a double widow on each side of the neck. 

Horns are in fine condition with no tears. 
Even though it’s been played it’s near a case queen for this limited edition
Action is low and the bridge is down all the way on it’s adjustment.