B.C. Rich Stranger Things Warlock “Eddie Munson” Red/Black Crackle

$ 3500.00

Just look at it, then imagine how much better it would look in your hands. Crazy I know.  That’s more so a cover up for the poor lighting in my pics but this thing is truly unbelievable looking in person. While Stranger Things is a rad show, I bought this guitar more so for the 80s aesthetic but unfortunately the shape just doesn’t work for me. Also not going to lie to anyone, the value these have on the used market makes it too hard to justify keeping when I could use the cash for some real life stuff. Like cash towards a down payment on a home type stuff. So help me help you, buy this bad boi and fulfill your Stranger Things/80s fandom and help me buy a house I guess. It truly is an incredible instrument that punches well above it’s original price not only in looks but in playability as well. The guitar is 100% stock and has been played lightly over the few months I’ve had it. The neck especially blew my mind, the satin finish is nice touch. I play 90s Ibanez RG’s for the most part and this neck hangs with those in terms of craftsmanship. These got a lot of flack for the Floyd Rose Special and lack of name brand pickups but I had no issues with both. An FR Special can hang just fine when set up right and these pickups rip way more than I expected. Overall an awesome guitar that deserves someone that can appreciate it more than I can. The only slight blemish I could spot was an impression at the tip of the headstock that I couldn’t even really capture on camera. That’s how it arrived to me but want to be as transparent as possible. In closing, #206 is ready to complete your Eddie Munson Halloween costume or 80’s up your studio. Join the Hellfire Club for real. Comes with the bag it came in (honestly like the bag as much as the guitar, it rules) and the trem arm/tools. Price is negotiable.