B.C. Rich Mockingbird Tempered X Black

$ 595.00

Nice Mockingbird! It is a set-neck, even though it looks like a neck through. It plays beautifully. I have not seen much about these, but I saw a post from a BC Rich dealer stating that there were only 36 of these made. I take that with a grain of salt. Maybe you should too, but there aren’t many out there. Has Rockfield pickups. The reason it is called “Tempered” is the knobs and pickups have a tempered look to them. The only real cosmetic issue is on the horn. There was a good sized chip on the back and a smaller chip on the front. I “fixed” them, non-professionally, with wood filler and touch up paint. That said it isn’t the best job, but you really can’t tell unless you are on top of it. Includes BC Rich gigbag.