2006 B.C. Rich Bich Masterpiece Trans Blue Quilt Top Made In Korea

$ 699.00

Selling a 2006 BC Rich Bich Masterpiece in Trans Blue. Excellent condition.. Absolutely gorgeous maple quilt top, very radiant in the sunlight! Made in Korea not china. The sound of this guitar is unreal. It sounds better than my usa bich. perfect for any type of Rock n Roll, ranging from Classic Rock to Black Metal. Sexy classic Bich body, everything is stock. For a guitar made in Korea, this one sounds better than many of the US made guitars I have and I am extremely impressed. Guitar has a few very minor blemishes, such as swirling and faint areas from being played. Nonetheless, this does not take away from the instrument’s killer looks, raunchy tones, and amazing playability. Take a look at the pictures. Cheers