Yamaha FG 150 Red Label OOO size 1971 Natural+Yamaha Rocket Hard Case FREE

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1971 Yamaha FG 150 Red Label

OOO size version of FG180 Red Label!! serial# 11244578, weight:1.8kg
Comes with a vintage Yamaha Rocket hard case (protection purpose only)

Guitar Condition (Good Players’ condition)

Over all it is a clean guitar for its age

Straight neck with the truss rod which you can still turn more
43mm nut width and soft V neck profile, Action is good 2.5mm and 2mm@12F

{The guitar has play wears and imperfections as below}

  • Frets have some wear from a longtime normal use, I have dressed, crowned and polished for you
  • Back of neck has minor capo marks and small dings
  • Body back has marks and small dings
  • Some latches of the hard case are very rusty

Ready to play!!
All guitars have been thoroughly inspected which include: detailed cleaning, cleaned frets and fret board, set up neck, checked playability and polished entire guitar

However, the fine adjustments are your responsibility.

Check all photos and feel free to ask any questions BEFORE making any purchases, thank you.