Yamaha Classical Guitar G-80 1970ies Natural

$ 275.00

When I closed my local music store after 37 years this guitar had not been sold. It’s a nice old classical with a cardboard case of the time.
The hinges are intact! The serial number is 776041 stamped inside. The overall body condition is very good, there’s no warping, lifting of bridge or bowed neck. The neck/body joint is solid. The lacquer is starting to ‘aligator’ (crack) on the top, the back lacquer is fine.
There is a bit of white paint on the back, you can see it in the 8th picture. The binding is solid front and back. The keys work, I don’t know if they are original. It will need new strings.
Overall it shows that it has been played, minor surface wear.
Rosewood fretboard and bridge, looks like mahogany back and sides, solid top, looks like cedar???
If you would like a new, good case instead of the old box  add $40.00 and let me know.
Thank you.