Vintage Statesboro’ Electro-Acoustic Bass ~ Whisky Sour

$ 349.00

Like all models in the Vintage Statesboro’ Series of acoustic andelectro-acoustic guitars, designed by English guitarist and blueshistorian Paul Brett, the new Statesboro’ electro-acoustic bass sharesthe same ‘bluesman on a budget’ theme.

Asubtle but very effect satin matt Whisky Sour finish, highlights thenatural grain pattern of the all-mahogany construction and decorativesoundhole rosette, whilst price point defying features also include,smooth operative gold plated die cast machine heads ensuring tuningstability, tech wood bridge and precision moulded ABS nut and saddle forprecise intonation.

Withits warm and innate overtones, mahogany is the perfect choice for thedreadnought size body, enhancing natural acoustic bass frequencies, froma huge, mellow upright bass-like response when played fingerpickingstyle, or to a snappy hard-edged attack when played with a pick or slapstyle.

With its866mm/34″ scale length, long sleek, mahogany neck and 20 fretfingerboard, the Statesboro’ electro-acoustic bass is a delight toperform with. For the impromptu unplugged session, the acoustic outputis noticeably loud and dynamic, with excellent clarity, note separationand sustain, whilst effortlessly keeping up with strummed acousticguitars.

Thisstunning electro acoustic bass also features the company’s in-housedesigned preamp with controls for volume, 3-Band EQ, phase switch, tunerdisplay and low battery indicator. With the EQ set flat, theundersaddle piezo pickup, yields a superb natural acoustic delivery, orfurther enhanced by way of the Bass, Middle and Treble controls.

Lookingthe part with its historic routesy, bluesy, visual foundation, theVintage Statesboro’ Whisky Sour finished electro-acoustic, is anexcellent performer in both live and studio environments, ideal for allmusic genres from jazz to pop, blues to rock.

There’salso the modern approach within construction and playability thatstudents, amateur and professional players of all styles willappreciate, making it a worthwhile and versatile instrument for any bassguitarist to own.