Santa Cruz OM/E (2000)

$ 3738.17

This is an OM/E from Santa Cruz, built in 2000. The OM/E was a short-lived precurser to the OM/PW that was introduced a year or two later. This OM/E has the same bracing pattern as the soon-to-be-introduced OM/PW, but retains some specs of the standard OM, such as the binding.

The condition of the guitar is very good, with some very light lacquer checking, as is expected on a 22 year old guitar finished with nitro. There is also some fret wear in the first position and the guitar could use a fret dressing for ideal playablity. There is plenty of room on the frets for this, as it looks like they have never been dressed before. The only other thing worth mentioning is that there is a slight discoloration of the finish just above the bridge. Some have wondered if this means that the bridge may have been removed at some point in the guitars life, but I doubt it. It definitely didn’t happen in the past 10 years, which is how long I and the previous owner had the guitar. What happened before that I can’t say. Either way, it’s totally stable and the guitar intonates correctly, so I guess it’s a non-issue.

The guitar comes in an Ameritage case with a SCGC logo, I assume it’s original.

The guitar is located in Switzerland and international shipping is not a problem. I can also ship from Germany for EU buyers as I live close to the border.

Shipping rates can be calculated for interested buyers.