Richard Prenkert Classical Cedar / Honduran Rosewood Barbera Pickup

$ 4500.00

Offered for sale is a classical guitar from the renowned California maker Richard Prenkert. It is a rarer offering from Prenkert in that it has Honduran rosewood for the back and sides. The top is cedar, with a spalted maple rosette.

650mm / 52mm

The guitar was made around 2015, and is in very good condition overall, with play wear in the top and only minor signs of handling. There are however repaired and stable cracks in the sides, and some finish checking. The last five photos show the flaws, the first two are finish checks and the last three the cracks. In regular light and use, they are much less conspicuous.

A beautiful set of Honduran rosewood on this one, and rare for a Prenkert and perhaps in general. The guitar produces a big, beautiful sound and plays with ease. The string height is currently just above 3mm on the bass and just above 2mm on the treble side. The Barbera saddle pickup sounds quite natural plugged, and does not sacrifice acoustic sound. The tuners are Alessi, which turn nicely

Ships with the original hard case.

Thanks for looking, any questions please feel free to ask.