Rare Gibson J-45 Standard EC w/OHSC

$ 2595.00

There’s something very mystical about acoustic guitars. In many cases, it does not require a trained ear to identify one being played on the radio or perhaps live in the hands of our favorite hero’s. It’s a small and humble instrument mainly comprised of wood, plastic and metal and yet when given a chance; these magnificent instruments can instantaneously transport us to another world, time and space. That said, not all acoustic guitars are created equal. It’s amazing to me how something so simple can be so intricate. Every minor detail makes a difference. During my guitar collecting journey, I’ve learned that the guitars that we choose to add to our collection; big or small, typically needs to have characteristics and appointments that speaks to us.

A good example is the iconic Gibson J-45 Standard. It is dubbed as “The Workhorse” and perceived by many as the original “working man’s guitar”. I love that! Although it does not come equipped with fancy bindings or inlays, there is a certain level of elegance and class that just can’t be denied when you first lay eyes on it. These guitars have been constructed by the master crafters at Gibson using the same time tested build techniques and appointments such as domed top, hand scalloped bracing, hot hide glue dove tail neck joint – which allows for the most effective transfer of vibrations through the body and neck. This creates the roundness of tone and midrange punch that most of us have come to crave and expect from the Gibson J-45.

For your consideration is a hard-to-find like NEW 2019 Gibson J-45 Standard acoustic/electric guitar in a gorgeous vintage sunburst finish. Aesthetically, this guitar looks immaculate with no cracks, scratches, etc… to report. Although it has been played sparingly, the frets show very little ware. And YES, the findings from your independent research were absolutely correct. This gem is as versatile as they come and can seamlessly respond to most any player’s style and technique. Whether you’re a finger stylist, flat picker or strummer; this guitar will definitely inspire you to find your voice.

This stage ready American “Workhorse” comes with an excellent L.R. Baggs electronic pick-up system to help boast a bigger sound to crystallize the magic when performing for larger audiences. The thin Nitrocellulose lacquer finish expedites the wood maturing process, which allows it to resonate even further.
The rare cutaway feature provides for greater lead options allowing you access not just to the 14th fret, but to the entire rosewood fingerboard. The 24.75” scale length allows for easier bends and playing while it projects a rich warm tone to accompany its sparkling highs.

Additionally, this guitar has received a full setup, including a bone saddle upgrade to ensure the most optimal tone and playability is achieved each time it leaves its original hardshell case. The action at the 12th fret for the low and high E currently resides at 2.25 mm and just under 2 mm, respectfully (see pics). This guitar is incredibly comfortable to play and sounds fantastic plugged or unplugged.

Appointments include:

– Slim taper mahogany neck
– Sitka spruce top
– Mahogany back and sides
– Mother of pearl position markers and inlays
– Superior black nut
– Upgraded bone saddle
– Superior nickel Grover tuners
– Rosewood bridge
– LR Bags VTC pick-up system
– Original hardshell case
– Warm bass and excellent projection
– Hand scalloped x bracing
– Sofentend fingerboard edge
– 24.75” fingerboard
– Hot hide glue dove tail neck joint
– Tear drop pickguard

So now it begs the question…. If this guitar is so great then why are you selling? Long story short, I recently picked up a new J-45 True Vintage so I don’t have the hands nor time to play both. All my guitars are stored in a smoke-free humidified environment, and in their original hardshell cases when not in use. If you’re in the market for a like-NEW guitar with rich and articulate tonal properties that plays extremely smooth, then let your journey start here. Played by iconic musicians such as Elvis, Woodie Guthrie, Bob Dylan, John Lennon all the way to James Mercer and everyone in between, you know the Gibson J-45 is for REAL!

Please feel free to reach out should you have further inquiries.

Thanks for looking!