Rainsong CO WS3000 12 String Built in 2020. Price Reduced!

$ 2700.00

As stated in the condition section, this guitar is the first new Rainsong 12 string guitar produced after they decided to start building 12 strings again.  They did not build 12 strings for several years.  It has the N1 neck.  Very fast and comfortable.  I had an earlier model Rainsong 12 string and sold it a few years back.  I was on an email list from Rainsong that notified me the day they decided to produce the guitars again.  I placed my order the same day and mine was the first order received and the first new 12 string produced.  This one is even better than my earlier one.  However, after keeping it for a year I have realized my playing style has changed over the course of time and my style now is much more 6 string oriented.  I’m playing more lead now.  The guitar has been played maybe 4 times since I bought it so I have decided to sell.  The carbon fiber construction makes it incredibly stable.  It stays in tune and just doesn’t have any of the issues wooden 12 strings have.  Also, it is light as a feather!  It comes with either the factory case or an SKB case as described in the condition section. The pictures don’t do the guitar justice.  It is so shiny it’s very hard to not have reflections in the shots.  Plus, I’m not the greatest photographer! It is in flawless condition.  I take all the Ebay authorized methods of payment.  Payment is to be sent within 24 hours of purchase.  I sell and ship to anywhere in the continental USA. I will ship UPS Ground for the flat rate of $150.00 within one business day after payment notice is received.  I only accept returns if the guitar is not in the condition I described.  If you want a bullet proof 12 string that is in flawless condition, has fantastic playability, stays in tune and has beautiful tone this is the one!!