Ovation 1768-7LTD Elite Book Model! 30yr Anniversary Most Embellished Ovation Ever

$ 3500.00

1996 USA Ovation 1768-7LTD Elite w/OHSC 1966-1996 Anniversary Edition in dead mint condition. So is its OHSC. The sound is bright and lively. The visuals are astonishing. There are no scratches, cracks, lifting bridge or top deformations. The electronics work and sound great as well.

A truly, truly collector’s gem.

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The Pre-amp has a Killer Digital Tuner that is very accurate and easy to use on stage, and it also has the very Versatile Dual Outputs 1) 1/4″ standard line out and 2) the PA Friendly 3 pin XLR output as well! This Guitar just sounds Incredible None Better!! The nicest Ovation I have ever Offered and the Best Straight Acoustic Tone EVER From an Ovation that I have ever Played!! This thing is a Amazing!!

Technically it’s the model 1768-7LTD, but everyone just calls it the “Book Elite”. So what is it? In 1996 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ovation, a special series of instruments were commissioned – 6 string, 12 string, mandolin, Viper, Longneck and Manocello. All had common ornamentation. The 6 string guitar (basically a well dressed Elite) was pictured on the cover of the Walter Carter book “The History Of The Ovation Guitar”. Hence, ever since, this guitar has been called the “Book Elite”. Specifications include a deep cutaway bowl, Optima preamp system with XLR, honey toned spruce top, and the entire body, neck and headstock bound in abalone. No fretboard markers except for a “1966-1966” inlay on the 12th fret. This is one of the most stunning looking Ovation instruments ever produced.