Martin 1927 2-17 Acoustic Guitar – Natural/Mahogany

$ 2550.00

This 1927 Martin 2-17 parlor acoustic guitar is not just a collectors item, it sounds and plays good as well.   It has been fully restored.  The guitar had several cracks along the side that have been repaired.   The neck was warped and  was removed and straightened .  The body and the neck is mahogany.

This guitar was originally manufactured as 2-17-H which was the Hawaiian style that was produced for about 3 years.  The body and neck are the same as the finger style.   However it had a raised nut and the frets were flush with the fingerboard.   The  H style was designed for slide playing.  This guitar was restored to the traditional finger style.

This guitar has a great tone and for its size it produces a bold sound.  The tuning heads are all original and only the nut  and frets were replaced.  The hard shell case was damaged and is not included.  The guitar will be packaged in a padded guitar bag and padded box. 

Although other 1927 Martin 2-17s have been recently listed on this and other sites  for around $5k, taking into consideration the extent of the repairs and the overall cosmetics of the instrument, I have priced it considerably below that value.    Make sure that this is the instrument you want.  It is sold as is and cannot be returned.  The serial number is 36769.  It was manufactured by Martin in 1927