John Lennon J-160E Peace Model Acoustic Guitar

$ 3500.00

John Lennon J-160E Peace Model Acoustic Guitar. This guitar has served me well over the years but it’s time to downsize my “collection”. I used this guitar to play gigs and it has a great sound.

There are a couple of *minor* scratches barely visible. They’re so light that I couldn’t even take a picture of them. This is an awesome guitar and I have the certificate of authenticity.

This guitar cost $3,500 new. In 2002. You can’t buy this guitar today and these guitars in perfect condition rarely come up for sale.

To the potential buyer who says he saw one that sold for $1100… Either the guitar was in bad shape or the guy was desperate for cash. I took it into Guitar Center just to see and they wanted to give me $1,700 for it. The condition of this guitar is near perfect and I’m not hard up for cash. This guitar performs as well as any top of the line premium acoustic guitar out there.