Ibanez AEWC400TKS Flamed Maple Auditorium 2019 Transparent Black Sunburst

$ 380.00

My baby.   This guitar looks beautiful and plays even better.   Being electric acoustic, for me she shines when plugged in, but she’s no slouch unplugged either.   GUITAR IS BEAUTIFUL — she lives right under a PRS Custom 24 most of the time and it’s a tough call as to which one your eyes will be drawn to first.   While beautiful, there are some lite pick marks on the front below the strings — I’d call that normal wear and tear, and they’re light enough that I wonder if they couldn’t be polished out, but they are there as sold.   Otherwise, it’s storeroom  quality, perfect condition.   Plays like a dream and looks like your dreams.

Guitar comes with a hard Ibanez case, 2 picks, a polishing cloth, and two sets of strings.