Hiroshi Tamura P50 1972 Clear

$ 857.78

This specific guitar is in a very reasonable overall condition, easily 

playable with enough bridgebone to even lower it (not advisable!)  

The soundboard however has some dings but no cracks and it is in 

a straight condition!  It isn’t that beautiful anymore but if you are in for 

that, I suggest you better buy a new guitar or pay about twice as much 

for a mint one. Fretwork is near 100 % . Machine heads are not original 

and as the distance between each tuner is not 35 mm, brass plates have 

been placed in between on otherwise high grade tuners. The bridge is a 

Brasilian rosewood one. Mind you, a P50 from 1972 would be a P 70 back

in 1975 as 50 stands for 50.000 Yen but the yearly salary was

growing so you always have to look at the specs of each guitar.

E.g. later P50’s often have an ebonized fingerboard! Soundwise

this guitar excells! Warm nice trebles and a very good low end

and indeed comparable with a Jose Ramirez Clase 1A guitar.

I have to part with it as I have too many guitars! If some of my

guitars aren’t leaving, my wife will! Before your final bidding, 

please feel free to ask a report about the condition as someone

already ordered this guitar but wanted his money back for so 

called not mentioned minors: A dull spot in the lacquer behind 

the bridge (Was polished away by me in about 10 minutes) and 

two so called cracks in the soundboard alongside the fingerboard.

Interior inspection learned that there were NO cracsk so only some 

hairline damage in the lacquer itself. Moreover he suggested that I

glued in an extra bar in the upper bout but I found out that it simply

has to be there! He never admitted afterwards!