Harmony Stella Caribbean Parlor Guitar w/ Goldfoil Pickup (1950s, Caribbean)

$ 450.00

Go on a cruise! 

For sale here is the classic parlor guitar: a Stella. This one was made in the late 1950s, and it is in astounding players condition — the action is remarkably low for a guitar of this age. These art deco Stellas are rare, I have only ever had one or two other ones. This one is the Caribbean model. 

The goldfoil addition is a little pet project of mine, I have made probably over a hundred of these at this point. I found these goldfoil pickups online and have been adding them to parlor guitars that still play great. The goldfoil simply clip mounts in the sound hole, and then I added a jack plate on the bottom and wired in a simple volume control. I have been controlling the tone of mine with my pedal board, but they sound pretty good unaffected. Very clear and shimmery. I have sold many of these things, and I keep making them because people seem to love them!

This one is in fine cosmetic shape, but the neck has a bit of a forward pitch. It is still playable, but it is certainly not the best action I have ever seen on a Stella. Plays fine in “cowboy chord” area, but the action starts to get a little high past fret 5-6. (See pics for full cosmetic details and action height)

So buy this guy as a player or as part of the collection. As always I oiled the board, changed the strings, polished the finish and tweaked the set up. This guitar is proudly strung with Stringjoy Custom Guitar Strings, made right here in Nashville, TN.  These old girls were not meant to handle large amounts of string tension, so getting extra light gauge strings on your first string change is CRUCIAL. I recommend .10-.50.

As with all of my pre-1980 acoustic guitars without adjustable truss rods, this guitar is being sold “as is” regardless of condition. (See my shop policies for more information.) I pack my guitars up tight and insure every package for the full purchase amount.

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gearheads!