Guild F20 1972 Natural/Blonde

$ 1100.00

1972 Guild F20 for Sale:

This guitar is in really good condition for a 50 year old instrument. Guild guitars are made to last.

(((Domestic USA Shipping Only)))

This guitar was made in the RI plant in 1972 which was the same year that Guild Founder Alfred Dronge was tragically killed in a plane crash.

I’ve had the guitar for 9 years. It has a Sitka spruce top and Mahogany sides and back. It has been kept in its case and properly humidified. No cracks. The finish does have some wear and scratches from it being played. You can see in the photos that most of the wear is right in the line of the original owners pick attack. There is also a mark on the back top of the headstock. Likely from going in and out of the case Comes with original case. It currently has light gauge strings and the action is good for my style of play. It’s a smaller guitar that I just don’t end up using as much as my others. This is why I’m selling it.

I’ve never needed to to take it in for an adjustment or setup , but at it’s age it may ultimately end up needing some work. I can’t make any promises as to what extent the work or cost would be. For that reason I am selling it for $1100. I’ve always enjoyed it as it is. It is a very beautiful piece of history which I hate to get rid of. It just makes more sense to send it on to someone that will use it more than me.