Gretsch G5034TFT Rancher Modified-One Man Band guitar! One of a kind!

$ 1600.00

Hey musician friends! I’m selling my modified Gretch G5034TFT. Here’s the scoop on it. It came with 1 Fidelitron pickup and 1 knob, whammy bar. It’s not a good guitar to play acoustically. Here’s what we did to it….. We took the Bigsby whammy off and put on a Gretch archtop style tailpiece. The bridge pickup is a Fishman Power Bridge and the top knob on the right when facing the guitar is a matching control for that acoustic pickup. The pickup in the soundhole is a MJS Custom made pickup that only picks up the 2 low strings. It has it’s own output jack. You run that jack into a octave pedal and you have fully controllable and separate bass guitar sound! The output jack for the acoustic guitar is actually wired in stereo so you can run a stereo cable into it and then a splitter on the other end to run to 2 separate amps. 1 cable runs the acoustic Fishman powerbridge pickup. 1 cable runs the Gretch Fidelitron pickup for an electric sound. Each pickup has it’s own volume control. You can run 3 amps with this guitar….bass, acoustic and electric….all with separate effects and control also. It sounds amazing! Here’s the downside of this guitar. It’s a heavy guitar…like a Les Paul. There’s a small dent like punch hole/crack on the bottom. ( I actually never noticed it until today). It in no way affects the guitar structurally or in sound. All the sound comes from the pickups. It’s made for a one man band but could be used as a jazz style guitar with bass. It has scratches as it’s been a working guitar. The case is solid but dinged up a bit…from working with it. It plays like a cross between an acoustic guitar and an Electromatic. (you will need an octave pedal to get the bass sound. Sub n’ up sounds the best in my opinion). Comes with a Gretch hardshell case and the original whammy in case you’d rather have that on it. $1600. or best offer.