Greenfield Hawaiian guitar 1929 Natural acoustic lap steel vintage antique

$ 999.99

A rare Canadian made lap steel from Edmonton, Alberta, in 1929. The Greenfield bros came out with a radical new design of lap steel known colloquially as “the hambone”. It has a very balanced tone. It is made of mahogany laminate throughout. The fretboard is a reproduction in rosewood and maple and uses the inlays, and inlay pattern from the original fretboard. The guitar has lots of wear and tear, including some layers of edge wood missing around the purfling. There are some superficial hairlines on the sides, and plenty of patination of the finish on all sides. “Mojo” some people would have you call it. All of these elements make this the perfect “players grade” instrument. It’s not precious, but it plays and looks amazing. You’ll can see a witness line to some drift on the bridge glue-up. The bridge is well seated, firmly glued in place, but clearly took a little bit of a journey during clamp up. You can also see a repaired hairline crack on the treble side of the headstock. It’s stable, but I wanted to point it out. It is priced accordingly.